Damien Max - France

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Farmer: Damien Max
Location: North-east France
Company: Max-agri
Crops: Oilseed rape, sunflower and maize
Tempo model: Väderstad Tempo V

I am a contractor for agriculture and public works. After buying the Väderstad Tempo V, I planted maize and sunflower: 200 hectares during all the season. It's not much but when I considering the results this year, I've already won new customers, I've already planted 280 hectares today! And I've already been asked to plant oil seed rape for the next season.

Before, I had a 6-row planter and working at 7-8 km/h, I was happy when I was doing at 2.5 ha/h. Today, with Väderstad Tempo, I plant at an average speed of 14.5km, I plant between 5-6 ha/h. That's more than double!

The capacity was one of the main criteria when choosing the planter. Our Tempo is all options: E-Control with iPad, microgranulation and fertilization. For me, E-Control and iPad are essential, it's clear and precise. I see the quality of the seed in real time, which is an undeniable advantage. It is a driving comfort, much more adjustments, very simple, to adapt to different conditions. I can easily adjust the ground pressure, it is only an axle to move. It is very easy to disassemble, clean and maintain, it is very practical, it has been well studied. Changing the rows from 8 to 12 rows is simple. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully, it's not complicated.

Thanks to a planter like Tempo, I’m precise, and I immediately see the quality of the planting according to the seeds.

The second factor in my choice was versatility, because today it is becoming necessary.  

In oil seed rape and maize, Tempo is the future of planting. Today we have to be fast, efficient and go faster and faster. That's why I took this planter.

All my customers are satisfied, I even win new ones. For me, thanks to Tempo, the planting activity will develop.

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