Masymenko Maksym - Ukraine

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Farmer: Masymenko Maksym
Location: Vradievshchyna, Mykolaiv region, south of Ukraine
Farm size: 3000 hectares
Crops: Sunflower, maize, oilseed rape
Tempo model: Väderstad Tempo F

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Farmer: Valeriy Chernysk
Company: Zapovit Ilyich Farm
Location: Obukhiv district, Kyiv region, Ukraine
Farm size: 1200 hectares
Tempo model: Väderstad Tempo F

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Farmer: Alexander Azarov
Location: Kharkiv region in Ukraine
Farm size: 700 hectares
Tempo model: Väderstad Tempo F

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Farmer: Vladimir Kashliakov
Location: Zaporozhye region, Southern Ukraine
Farm size: 4000 hectares
Tempo model: Väderstad Tempo F

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502 hectares in 24 hours

Experience the world record:

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